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Banovelmouth, chapter 4: Girlfriends (Part Two) - muzition [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Banovelmouth, chapter 4: Girlfriends (Part Two) [Aug. 27th, 2010|10:12 am]
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I arrived at home just before Satellite Ears left for his paramedic job.  I told him briefly about Not a blue woman and Valerie and baby Reuil.

            “That’s super!” he said.  “I can’t wait to see the new baby!  It’s too bad I have hardly any free time.”

            “It’s too bad that the baby’s too young to be brought over here,” I said.  “Oh well, I’m sure you’ll be able to find some free time sometime soon to go visit them.  I sure hope so, anyway.”

            Satellite Ears’s carpool ambulance pulled up just then, and he got in and went to work.



Satellite Ears and I both had the day off that Friday.

            “What will you be doing today?” I asked Satellite Ears that day at breakfast time, as we ate some pancakes at the dining table.

            “I think I’ll go and visit Not a blue woman and Valerie and see the new baby,” said Satellite Ears.  “Then maybe I’ll phone up Regina Tsvirkunov and ask if she’d like to go on another date.”

            “That sounds like a good plan,” I said.  “Where would you be going on your date?”

            “I don’t know yet,” said Satellite Ears.  “We could go to the disco again, or maybe to the art museum.  Or maybe we could go to a restaurant we haven’t been to before.  Or maybe we could just have the date here.  So, what do you plan to do today, Bananamouth?”

            “I think I’ll just stay here at home, and maybe do some studying, or phone some people.  Maybe I’ll call up Jonathan Ternynck.  I haven’t talked to him in a while.”

            “Sounds good,” said Satellite Ears.

            “Or I could play pinball all day,” I said.

Satellite Ears laughed.  “Well, I guess I’ll go to Not a blue woman’s house now,” he said.  “See you in a bit.”

“Bye,” I said.  I took a mechanics book from our bookcase, and I sat on the couch and studied mechanics for a while.

A bit later, Satellite Ears came back home and went inside.

“How did you enjoy your visit?” I asked him.

“It was great!” said Satellite Ears.  “I really enjoyed seeing little baby Reuil.  I love kids!  And it was nice to see Not a blue woman and Valerie again.”

“What do you think of their house?” I asked.

“It’s really nice, though I wonder if it’ll still be big enough for the three of them once the kid gets older.”

I made some macaroni and cheese for lunch, and we sat at the table and ate it.  After lunch, Satellite Ears phoned Regina, and they both went out to the art museum.

A few hours later, Satellite Ears returned home.

“How was your date at the art museum?” I asked him.

“Oh my, it was so wonderful!” said Satellite Ears.  “It went so well!  Regina even called it a dream date!”

“Wow!” I said.  “That’s great!”

“Hey,” said Satellite Ears, “there’s some flowers on our doorstep.”

“Oh, there is?” said Satellite Ears.

We went outside to look at the flowers.  There was a basket full of roses with a card.  The card was addressed to Satellite Ears, and it was from Regina.  Inside the card, she had written how much she enjoyed their date together.

“Wow, that’s really nice of her!” I said.

“This is just amazing!” said Satellite Ears.  “She’s such a great woman!”

            “Would you like to marry her?” I asked.

            “Yes!” said Satellite Ears.  “But I don’t know if she would agree to it.”

            “You don’t know unless you ask her!” I said.

            “I know,” said Satellite Ears.  “Boy, I wish I could at least live with her.  That would be a dream come true!”

            “She probably lives alone now,” I said.  “Most townspeople do.”

            “Maybe I can ask her to live here!” exclaimed Satellite Ears.

            “I don’t know,” I said.  “I hardly know Regina at all.”

            “Oh, that’s right,” said Satellite Ears.  “Sorry about that.”

            “If she’s a good person, I wouldn’t mind if she lived here,” I said.  “Though we would need an extra bed for her, of course.”

            “We could just do what we did before, and sell one of our single beds and get a double bed to replace it!” said Satellite Ears.

            “Wow, you’re being quite ambitious,” I said.

            “I think Regina would like a double bed!” said Satellite Ears.

            “Well, you should ask her if she’d like to move in with us before we go buying a double bed for her,” I said.

            “Yes,” agreed Satellite Ears.  “And who knows, maybe she has a double bed already, or something.”

            “You should invite her over here sometime, so I can meet her,” I said.

            “That’s a good idea,” said Satellite Ears.  “We could have a date here, maybe.  Or else I could just invite her over or something.  We’d find some fun things to do, I’m sure.”

            “As long as you don’t make out on the front lawn!” I said.

            “Come on,” said Satellite Ears, “what’s wrong with making out on the front lawn?  Everyone in Veronaville does it.”

            “Hmm, I guess that’s true,” I laughed.  “Sorry about that.”

            “Anyway, I really should get back to my studying.  Med school isn’t so easy, and I really have to work at it.”

            “Today I was reading the newspaper after I did the newspaper crossword,” I said, “and I read about a guy who only went to medical school for one day!  That was so weird.”

            “Really?!” said Satellite Ears.  “Well, if I got sick, I don’t think I’d want to be looked after by a guy who had only been to medical school for a day!”  We laughed.  “In any case,” said Satellite Ears, “it does look like I’ll be in medical school for the next little while, so I have to get back to studying.”

            “All right,” I said.  “Good luck.”


            The following Wednesday, Satellite Ears and I both had the day off work again.

            “It’s nice that we both get the same days off,” Satellite Ears said.

            “Are you going to invite Regina over today?” I asked Satellite Ears.

            “That sounds like a good idea,” said Satellite Ears.  He went over to the phone and called Regina.  They talked for a few minutes.

            “She’s walking over.  She said that she’ll be coming over in a few minutes,” said Satellite Ears.  A few minutes later, Regina appeared outside.  Satellite Ears ran to the front lawn, and they made out on the lawn for a long time.

            “Guys!” I called to them.  “Would you like some Instant Meal drinks for lunch?”

            “Oh, sure,” said Satellite Ears.  Regina, my dear, let’s go sit down at the dining table.”

            “Sure, my love,” said Regina.  They sat down at the table while I went to the fridge and took out some Instant Meals and put them on a tray, and brought it outside to the dining table.

            We all talked for a while.  Regina told us that she works as a freelance photographer.

            “I guess that if you’re a professional freelance photographer, you don’t really like to use photo booths,” I said.

            “Oh, actually, I love to use photo booths, though I don’t actually use them for taking photos very often, if you know what I mean!” said Regina.  Satellite Ears looked mildly shocked, then amused.

            “Do you like taking photos?” I asked.

            “I love my job!” said Regina.  “I get to meet a lot of interesting people and photograph a lot of neat things.”

            “What sort of things do you photograph?” I asked.

            “I often take photos for news stories for the newspapers,” said Regina.  “Sometimes I photograph celebrities and other people.”

            We all finished our Instant Meals.  Satellite Ears and Regina played Red Hands in the yard for a while.  I went inside and watched TV for a while.  They had on this show called Simvivor, in which they put a bunch of people on an island and filmed them.

            Satellite Ears rushed inside.  “Yay!” he shouted excitedly.  Regina wants to live with us!  Is that okay with you?”

            “Sure!” I said.  “It’s fine with me.”

            “Hooray!” shouted Satellite Ears.

            “What stuff will she bring to this house?” I asked.

            “She says that she has a piano, a DJ machine, a vase with a flower in it, and a chess board.  She also has quite a bit of money, so we can buy lots of neat things!”

            We decided to put the piano in the living room, and the vase on one of the counters.  We didn’t have much room for the DJ machine or the chess board, so Regina decided to keep those in storage for the moment.

            “Maybe we can buy the double bed now,” I suggested.

            “Oh, of course,” said Satellite Ears.  “We can sell one of the single beds, too.”

            We sold one of the single beds, and bought a double bed.  It was the same style as the kind that Valerie and Not a blue woman had bought – it had long pointy bedposts and red sheets.  We  put it out in the backyard with the remaining single bed.

            “We’re going to have some fun with this bed!” said Regina.  She and Satellite Ears immediately jumped into the bed, went under the sheets, and did something under there.  I went back to watching TV.



[User Picture]From: teleputty
2010-08-28 10:26 pm (UTC)
This story rocks. Thanks for posting more! It inspired me to start playing The Sims again
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: muzition
2010-08-28 10:38 pm (UTC)
Thanks so much!

Chapter 5 is up now.
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